Vegan shoe


Thank you for following us. We are pleased to be one of the few shoe companies that makes sure to combine quality materials into our footwear. But, we didn’t stop there. We also made sure to be advocates for animal rights & sustainable fashion. Join us #HEXA in the revolution. Eco-friendly fabric Recycled/Re-used materials Zero-waste, […]

Superb raw material

You may wonder what makes our product stand out from the crowd. Scroll down to find out!   Our Fine Material Selection HEXA blends style and substance for a perfect fit. Environmentally friendly: Man-made leather, natural fibres, and recycled rubber foams mean our products are not wasting precious resources. Superior quality outside: using the latest […]

High heels can be comfortable too!

Looking smart with fashionable shoes at work or at play should not cause pain. Truly comfortable shoes are no longer clunky, orthopedic, boring things — now, even strappy high heels can be comfortable shoes! Here are some hints for selecting comfortable shoes, no matter the style. Make sure you have wiggle room You want to […]

Bringing an ethical life into fashion: Vegan and cruelty free choices

More and more consumers are trying to embrace more ethical practices in their shopping practices. But while we try to make the right decisions when we buy shoes and bags, it can get confusing. Vegan? Cruelty free? Eco-friendly? What does all this really mean and how do we know? What are vegan shoes and bags? […]