Superb raw material

You may wonder what makes our product stand out from the crowd. Scroll down to find out!
Our Fine Material Selection
HEXA blends style and substance for a perfect fit.

  • Environmentally friendly: Man-made leather, natural fibres, and recycled rubber foams mean our products are not wasting precious resources.
  • Superior quality outside: using the latest innovation in non-woven microfiber materials from Japan, going beyond traditional PVC and other synthetic leathers. Solvent free and with a low PU content, our shoes and bags has a lush, high-quality feel that will never get abrasions, go brittle, or wear down.
  • Stylish and still practical: Our designs are not only the epitome of style, but they were created with the practicalities of everyday life in mind. Fashionable shoes comfortable enough for hours walking the mall or dancing till dawn; tastefully crafted bags that will conveniently hold everything you need.
  • Lightweight and easy to maintain: The durable, scratch-resistant materials are light for effortless wear and are easily washed and stored.

Our Shoe Benefits
Walk the HEXA walk of classiness and confidence.

  • Supreme support inside: EcoOrtholite foam from the US is the foundation of your comfortable, energizing walks. A proprietary castor oil formula and recycled rubber combination creates an amazingly breathable, durable, and well-cushioned surface for your feet.
  • Comfortable and beautiful: Our manufacturing follows processes used by some of the best sports and dance shoe brands in the world to create our elegant footwear that is ready for the real world.
  • Thoughtful design: Each product line features designs that embody its essential character. Together, the three lines come together to complete every look, from casual to business to formal.
  • Functional and fabulous: All our shoes are anti-microbial, water-resistant, and anti-slip to withstand long wear in any condition, while the sturdy, wide heel design ensures equal body weight distribution for additional comfort, with no chance of getting your heel stuck in a pavement crack or steel grating.

Our Bag Benefits:
HEXA blends form and function for every look.

  • Enduring stylishness: The sumptuous man-made leather will stand the test of time. This durable, cruelty free material will maintain its shape and softness much longer than traditional PVC leather substitutes.
  • Convenience built in: The bag designs for each product line look the part and perform perfectly. Daytime casual or evening chic, HEXA bags look fantastic by your side. Many designs sport special compartments for easy storage and access.
  • High fashion, low maintenance: We use eco-friendly cruelty-free leather and jute in our designs that are also durable and easy to take care of. Unlike more expensive leathers and animal skins, HEXA bags are machine washable, and most stains can simply be removed immediately.