HEXA shoes are designed to elevate every look by being comfortable enough to be worn all day and all night so that you’ll look at ease and stylish even after being on your feet for hours. We provide some of the best women’s designer luxury shoes in Bangkok, Thailand. Our shoe range is both sustainable and ethical meaning you will feel both comfortable and in the knowledge what you are wearing is animal cruelty free shoes.

Feel free to browse and consider buying vegan shoes online through our store. Many people choose to buy vegan shoes because they do not want to encourage the exploitation of animals. Nowadays, this can be done with fashion and style!

To be considered vegan, shoes must not have any animal products. So, no leather, silk, wool, fur or snake or reptile skins –no animal-derived glues or decorative shells, horn, bone, feathers. There are plenty of synthetic or animal-free alternatives that are just as durable and luxurious as the animal-sourced versions.

Shoe benefits

Walk the HEXA walk of classiness and confidence

  • Supreme support inside: Eco-Ortholite foam from the US is the foundation of your comfortable, energizing walks. A proprietary castor oil formula and recycled rubber combination creates an amazingly breathable, durable, and well-cushioned surface for your feet.
  • Comfortable and beautiful: Our manufacturing follows processes used by some of the best sports and dance shoe brands in the world to create our elegant footwear that is ready for the real world.
  • Thoughtful design: Each product line features designs that embody its essential character. Together, the three lines come together to complete every look, from casual to business to formal.
  • Functional and fabulous: All our shoes are anti-microbial, water-resistant, and anti-slip to withstand long wear in any condition, while the sturdy, wide heel design ensures equal body weight distribution for additional comfort, with no chance of getting your heel stuck in a pavement crack or steel grating.

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