HEXA bags are not only fabulous looking, but they also have hidden pockets and compartments to make sure you can fit and find everything you need in one place, whether at work or at play, at home or on the road. We have some of the best women’s designer luxury bags in Bangkok, Thailand and our range are both sustainable and ethical meaning you will be carrying animal cruelty free bags everytime you leave your home!

You may consider buying vegan bags online through our store and for those who still prefer animal products, cruelty free shoes and bags can still be made from leather, skins, silk, etc., but they are produced ethically. This means that ingredients, processes, and final products have not been tested on animals. While “cruelty-free” is usually associated with make-up and personal care products, it is also a consideration for bags and shoes.

Bag benefits

HEXA blends form and function for every look

  • Enduring stylishness: The sumptuous vegan leather will stand the test of time. This durable, cruelty free material will maintain its shape and softness much longer than traditional PVC leather substitutes.
  • Convenience built in: The bag designs for each product line look the part and perform perfectly. Daytime casual or evening chic, HEXA bags look fantastic by your side. Many designs sport special compartments for easy storage and access.
  • High fashion, low maintenance: We use eco-friendly cruelty-free leather and jute in our designs that are also durable and easy to take care of unlike more expensive leathers and animal skins.

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