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Businesswomen's Shoes & Bags

Discover our stylish & ethical brand that uses the latest material innovations. For everyday, any occasion.

Businesswomen's Shoes & Bags | Extra Comfortable. Luxurius. Vegan.

HEXA is an eco-elegant brand of women’s shoes and bags. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, HEXA offers a range of shoes and bags to suit any lifestyle with elegance and comfort.

HEXA shoes are designed to elevate every look by being comfortable enough to be worn all day and all night so that you’ll look at ease and stylish even after being on your feet for hours.

HEXA bags are not only fabulous looking, but they also have hidden pockets and compartments to make sure you can fit and find everything you need in one place, whether at work or at play, at home or on the road.

HEXA uses environmentally sustainable materials throughout our product lines. Clarino is an extraordinary man-made leather that is three times stronger and lighter than animal leather, allowing for a durable, long-lasting product. We also have a line of shoes and bags made from jute, a sturdy natural fibre.

HEXA proves that thoughtfulness and social responsibility can result in attractive accessories that every woman will want, while embracing sustainable and cruelty-free materials and methods.


Sy Mahatthanarak grew up surrounded by her family’s tradition of leather bag manufacturing. After 30 years of producing high-quality leather bags for well-known international brands, Sy decided to venture out with her own brand. Focussing on women’s fashion, her first luxury collection, designed by her close friend, Pah Ampornchatchawan, debuted in London in 2017 to great fanfare.

Lisa McKeithen leveraged her love of accessorizing into a career of more than 25 years in US and European footwear design, development, and marketing. She has travelled around the world discovering techniques and materials to satisfy her obsession for beautiful shoes that are comfortable and durable. Lisa now wants to blend what she discovered on her travels with the skills she honed at the best comfort shoe brands in the world.

Together, Sy and Lisa recreated HEXA. Determined to elevate women’s shoes and bags to being gorgeously fashion-forward while still being practical and comfortable, they’ve infused their boldness and compassion into every aspect, from concept to sales. HEXA proves that thoughtfulness and social responsibility can result in attractive accessories that every woman will want, while embracing sustainable and cruelty free materials and methods.

OCT - DEC 2017


  • Researched target market and current technologies.
  • Came up with key shoes and bags benefits that we felt were important.
  • Researched different non-leather materials, foams & outsole suppliers.
  • Met with several factories in Asia.
  • Finalized materials after receiving samples.
  • Selected bag factory and one of the best dance shoe factories in Asia.
  • Finalize our shoes and bags designs.

JAN - MAY 2018


  • After several rounds of lasts and prototypes, we achieved the perfect fit.
  • Designed our own dustbag, groceries bag.
  • Found the perfect shoe trees.

JUNE 2018


  • Video Production.
  • Branding Visuals.
  • Website.

JULY 2018