High heels can be comfortable too!

High heels can be comfortable too!
Looking smart with fashionable shoes at work or at play should not cause pain. Truly comfortable shoes are no longer clunky, orthopedic, boring things — now, even strappy high heels can be comfortable shoes! Here are some hints for selecting comfortable shoes, no matter the style.

Make sure you have wiggle room

You want to make sure your toes aren’t crushed together up front. Besides making it painful to walk, you risk developing hammer toe. In the office or on the dance floor, your shoes should give your toes space!

But this doesn’t mean your entire foot should be shifting inside while you walk — both feet should fit snugly. Otherwise, blisters, calluses, and more may befall!

You need stability, even with strappy numbers!

Comfortable strappy high heels and sandals are possible. Make sure the straps give your feet proper support across the front, instep, and ankles. If there’s no ankle strap, you may need more coverage at the front.

You may have to give up on really thin straps and delicate slip-on heels, but you’ll be saving your feet!

Proper cushioning makes for comfort

Proper cushioning makes for comfort

Superior cushioning and soft linings go a long way to making even high heels you favorite comfortable work shoes. The thickness of your shoes’ soles, especially at the front for heels, may also help absorb shock and help cushion your steps, depending on what material they are.
Remember, the comfortable shoes make happy feet!

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