Hexa Bangkok

Luxurious Shoes
& Bags

Innovative comfort for everyday,
any occasion.

    • Super flexible with
      sport foam
      cushioning for long
      hours on your feet

    • Water

    • 100% premium vegan
      leather & cruelty-free

    • Non slip

    • Rubber heel tip
      for a quieter stride

    • Recycled rubber
      outsole in gold

  • What is our Insole Technology?

    OrthoLite's advanced proprietary polyurethane formula with recycled rubber content delivers a combination of benefits unmatched by any other insole manufacturer.

  • High-level Breathability

    OrthoLite's open-cell PU technology is 95 to 100% breathable, allowing air to circulate in and around the foam, keeping the surrounding environment cooler

    • Lightweight

      Ortholite foams are lightweight, enhancing performance with airy comfort enables day-in, day-out breathability.

    • Long-Term Cushioning

      Unlike traditinal foam technologies, OrthoLite's compression set is less than 5% over time, so the cushioning and fit never change, providing maximum comfort use after use.

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    HEXA is an eco-elegant brand of women’s shoes and bags. Born in Bangkok, Thailand, HEXA offers a range of shoes and bags to suit any lifestyle with elegance and comfort. HEXA uses environmentally sustainable materials throughout our product lines. Japanese Vegan leather is an extraordinary man-made leather that is three times stronger and lighter than animal leather, allowing for a durable, long-lasting product. We also have a line of shoes and bags made from jute, a sturdy natural fibre.

    HEXA proves that thoughtfulness and social responsibility can result in attractive accessories that every woman will want, while embracing sustainable and cruelty-free materials and methods. Our Sustainable and Ethical fashion is suited to the modern-day lifestyle for those wishing to not only look and feel good but also be contributing to a more sustainable world.

    HEXA: eco-elegance for every day, any occasion