7 Ethical & Vegan Handbag Brands That You’ll Feel Good Wearing

“It’s cool to be kind”, said Meghan Markle at a recent awards function, and she couldn’t have been more right. From ecology and animal causes to protecting the planet, fashion brands are jumping on the ethical bandwagon to woo the millennials who place a high value to a brand’s sustainability score. Additionally, with the power of social media, the likes of “Who made my clothes?” campaign by Fashion Revolution have played an important role in the rise in awareness about the need for fashion to be sustainable.

Once mocked, a vegan lifestyle has infiltrated the mainstream. This has opened doors for a host of enterprising ethical and sustainable handbag brands that are high on style and ethics. From upcoming brands to established retailer everyone is proudly labeling their animal-free products vegan to woo the millennials and Gen Z customers who are more conscious about their choices. However, just being vegan is not enough. For the handbag to qualify as ethical, it not only needs to be free from leather but also use vegan materials that are kind to the planet.

Faux-leather and fabric handbags exist, but it can be difficult to find a pair that’s high quality, sustainable (no PVC) and stylish, too.

Below we have curated a list of 7 vegan handbag brands that are crafting ethical bags from responsibly sourced cruelty-free materials, paying fair wages to their workers without compromising on style.

No Name Just People

Ethics: Sustainable, handcrafted, vegan, eco-friendly, gives back

Ships worldwide

Style: Bags that make arty statement; statement pieces

No Name Just People puts artisans at the center of their work by employing them to use the skills that have been passed down through the generations.

Committed to sustainable practices, the designer uses a beautiful mix of artisanal and contemporary design to create each sculptural accessory. Every NNJP bag is a piece of art, that looks as good on Instagram as they do on your arm! The bags are handcrafted by artisans in Columbia and takes about 4 days to be done. Their current collection brings together two cultures and is made from natural tropical palm called Iraca.

We’re big fans of their Ipa box bags and Kamoni pyramid bags, which will add a dose of style to spring-summer wardrobes. In fact, the pyramid bag is inspired by the symbol of the sun, which was worshipped by the ancestors of the artisans and is dedicated to honor their culture and traditions. History and art combined in a stunning bag!

Each of their tasteful collection chooses an artisan community to collaborate with and the profits from the sales are given back to the community. Now that’s what we call as true luxury.

The price tag: From $190, available at nonamejustpeople.com


Ethics: Sustainable, vegan, eco-friendly

Ships worldwide

Style: Classic, everyday and summer bags

Founded in Bangkok by Sy Mahatthanarak and Lisa McKeithen, Hexa is committed to designing only the finest vegan handbags {and shoes} with sustainability at its heart. Their small collection aces design and function, featuring clever compartments for keeping your things well-organized. Their handbags are crafted from jute and eco-friendly vegan leather sourced from Japan. It is a special water-resistant, vegan leather that is solvent-free and with a low PU content that is designed to last for many years without becoming brittle or torn apart.

Their suppliers and manufacturers are handpicked based on the quality of their products and how strict they follow the sustainable guidelines Hexa demands like using sustainable energy to run the facilities and fair wages for workers.

The price tag: From $90, available at wolfandbadger.com


Ethics: Sustainable, vegan, gives back

Ships worldwide

Style: Clean cuts, elegant everyday bags

The new kid on the block, UK-based FERRON was born with the idea of combining form, function and ethics with a focus on sustainability through longevity. Their uber stylish Crossbody Signature Bag comes in three versatile colors and we’re in love it. The classic black opens to a sumptuous red interior lined with eco-friendly microfiber. Their cleverly designed bags feature multiple compartments and pockets to keep everything well-organized and secure. While they only have one style at the moment, the bag is so versatile that it can pretty much perfectly blend with most of your looks and occasions.

FERRON’s elephant-shaped logo is a symbol of the brand’s commitment towards animal welfare (they also give back to a wildlife trust), and also shows Ania Mroz-Pacula’s love for the beautiful creature. Ania is the owner of the brand. We love the fact that the brand has minimal eco-friendly packaging policy and comes in a reusable cotton dustbag.

The price tag: From $220, available at ferron.co

Evve Milano

Ethics: Sustainable, vegan

Ships worldwide

Style: Edgy, rocker chic yet functional

Conceived in Italy, Evve Milano is a New York-based vegan handbag brand that celebrates women and inspires them to love their true self. Founded by Nick Peyronneau, Evve aims to send love and harmony in this world through their gorgeous range of cruelty-free handbags that are fun, functional and edgy.

Their rocker chic styles are a nice break from the ubiquitous minimalist pieces, because every woman needs to channel her edgy side every once in a while. And why not?

With a background in the Italian handbag industry, Nick ensured that not only are his bags well-constructed and stylish, but also made sure that from start to finish every aspect of the process is sustainable and that even the workers are paid fair wages.

Their bags are available online and across the stores in Italy and the US. We love their more recent Carcaas Backpack with its edgy cool style; it reminds us of the famous Balenciaga City Tote.

The price tag: From $64.50, available at evve-milano.com


Ethics: Vegan, sustainable, gives back

Ships worldwide

Style: Elegant, sophisticated luxury bags for men and women

Founded by Paras Doshi, the California-based Doshi creates sophisticated vegan handbags, backpacks, briefcases, wallets and belts for all genders.

When Doshi couldn’t find a high-quality vegan backpack or briefcase for himself he decided to take things in his own hands and launched this eponymous label after thorough research. At Doshi, they pay attention to detail to every aspect of design and function to ensure the bag maintains its luxury and style quotient without compromising on function.

You’ll find everything from classic tote, bucket and saddle bags to studded backpacks and stylish briefcases. Their Tumi-eque backpacks for men are definitely the best in the industry. In fact, the vegan leather quality is so good that you won’t believe the bag uses no leather.

All their bags are ethically produced in China using the high-quality microfiber PU leather. Doshi regularly visits the factories during production to make sure sustainability is not compromised. Furthermore Doshi also five percent of revenue to responsible non-profits working to benefit animals, people, and the environment via its First Five For The World initiative.

Our favorite is the latest drop of Debut backpacks. They’re lust-worthy and won’t hurt your wallet either!

The price tag: From $69, available at addresschic.com and doshi.shop

Urban Originals

Ethics: Vegan, sustainable, eco-conscious, gives back

Ships worldwide

Style: Practical, stylish, fun, everyday

Creating stylish and affordable vegan handbags, Aussie label Urban Originals believes fashion should be ethical and sustainable. Founded in 1999 in Sydney by Andrew and Susana Cates, the brand sold leather goods until recently. However, it decided to ditch all leather goods because of their impact on the animals and the planet and turned into a completely vegan accessories brand.

Their PETA certified vegan bags are ethically crafted using eco-conscious vegan leather and other materials like recycled nylon and polyester. The brand is committed to not using PVC in any of its bags. They have a very wide collection of handbags, backpacks and wallets in practically every style.

Urban Originals bags are a manifestation of perfect utility, great design and ethical focus all coming together to help you do more with less. The company is also committed to social responsibility and gives back 10% of its profits to causes for human rights, mainly for stopping slavery and human trafficking. What else can you ask for from a handbag brand?

The price tag: From $35, available at addresschic.com and uo.com and across stores worldwide including Nordstrom, Neiman Marcus and Anthropologie.

Stella McCartney

Ethics: Vegan, sustainable, eco-friendly

Ships worldwide

Style: Luxury handbags for all occasions

Talking of vegan and sustainable handbags and not having Stella McCartney on the list will be a crime. Championing sustainability long before it was cool, the famed luxury fashion brand Stella McCartney is the original leader of the ethical luxury movement. There’s hardly any fashionista on the planet who isn’t aware of Stella McCartney’s (Paul McCartney’s daughter) eponymous designer brand.

Her high-fashion brand banished textiles like leather, fur, feathers and PVC, that have traditionally defined luxury, from day one. A bold move, especially in 2001 when she launched, but it didn’t hinder Stella McCartney’s success, only fueled it.

Her cult Falabella style was an instant hit when it first launched over a decade ago and still reigns every must-have bag list. A-list celebrities are often spotted carrying Stella “It” bags from the airport to red carpets. From Angelina Jolie, Amal Clooney to Meghan Markle and Emma Watson, everyone loves her bags.

Chances are, the next new vegan leather would have been her creation because she actively works with suppliers to create innovative alternatives to leather for her collections and is reshaping the entire industry. Her supple and sumptuous vegan leathers are cut from eco-friendly materials like Eco Alter Nappa and are better than the real deal.  Style and sustainability are ingrained in McCartney’s DNA and if you’ve got the dough, her vegan handbags are must-have in your wardrobe. Until then, you can start saving and invest in other vegan handbags from the list.

The price tag: From $435, available at stellamccartney.com, at over 100 Stella’s own stores and thousands of other stores worldwide.